The way people entertain themselves, consume and communicate between themselves, is changing faster and faster every day. Lean structures are the only kind that can keep up with these fast-paced, every day changes. Kill The Cow is a team of people with different views, but with one common vision: The best way to communicate is by entertaining. And the best way to entertain is by communicating.

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How we work

To get different results you need to work in different ways. We are directors, graphic designers, animators, producers, copywriters, new media developers and researchers. Yes, we have different backgrounds. Kill The Cow is our way of putting our unique cultures to work together. None of us is here to "do our part". We believe work is a cycle in which we are all involved.

Alejandra Milicich

- Post Production -

Began her career as a Post-Production freelance, then joined Cisneros Television Group’s Production Department, and finally as Post-Producer at InJaus Design for over ten years.

Ariel Guntern

- Chief -

Advertising Creative Copywriter at Young & Rubicam, Contrapunto and Wunderman. He moved to the TV industry when he joined Artear and then Turner International, were he was Creative Director of TNT, based in Atlanta. He was responsible for rebranding TNT, launching TCM in LatAm and creating content such as Project 48, Project NGO, Latin America Directors and The Academy Awards Preshow. He returned to Argentina to become VP of Creative and Production Services for Turner’s roster of networks (17), leading a team of +100. He also supervised the Pan-Regional relaunch of Space, I.Sat, MuchMusic, Infinito and TBS veryfunny. Ariel is a highly awarded film director who was involved in productions both in the US and Latin America.

Julián Martín

- Motion Graphics -

Graphic Designer, graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires. Web designer at Injaus Design, worked as Motion Graphics Designer, developing branding content for Turner’s networks. He also collaborated with Disney Latino and local and international production companies.

Marcos Vigliani

- Copywriting -

Advertising Creative Copywriter in Agulla & Baccetti and Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. He then joined Turner International Argentina as Creative Manager at Injaus Ads (Turner's Creative Department), creating On-Air and Off-Air campaigns for all its networks.

Lucas Ober

- New Media -

E-learning and New Media developer in Giunti Labs, Italy. He returned to Argentina to open his own shop, Obermedia Studio, servicing clients like Bapro, Mecon, AGC, Maria Cher, Jazmin Chebar and the Bob Marley Movement of Jah People Festival.

Mariano Guntern

- Research & Insights -

Has a wide experience in Market Research, as an independent consultant and as part of international agencies such as Nielsen and GFK. As an Associate Research Manager in Turner International Argentina, Mariano offered research support to the Latin American market.

Eugenia Anselmo

- Graphic Design -

Joined InJaus Design as Off-Air Graphic Designer in 2005. She then became head of the department, working for all of Turner International Argentina’s networks.